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Chauffeur and Limousine-Services for highest demands.

We offer our Chauffeur and Limousine-Service throughout the world on a constantly high quality level.  We would be pleased to serve you!

Worldwide Chauffeur and Limousine-Service on a constantly high quality level.

The quality of our service has the highest priority. United Limousines will not just provide you with a car and driver, but is very much interested in the implementation of your individual requirements.

For every single booking, our team will listen carefully to your thoughts and wishes. Together then with our experience and standards, you can expect and will receive an excellent service. And that can be a short transfer within the city limits or an event with 500 participants.

Reservations for restaurants and theaters, tickets for the opera or football – just trust our Concierge-Service integrated in the United Limousines AG.

Your expectations – our aims!

Supported by a 24/7 reachable operations, we and our skilled chauffeurs, do guarantee a flexible and reliable service – even on a short notice.
The divisions of our service are:

  • Limousine Service
  • Chauffeur on Demand with your car.
  • Sightseeing
  • Concierge-Service
  • Aircraft-Charter
Limousine-Service for high demands – Transfers and more!

Our Limousine and Transfer-Service is the reliable and comfortable choice to get to your destination. Order your Limousine and your driver at United Limousines.

Travel in style with our Limousine-Service

Arrive relaxed at your next meeting and gain time to focus on the important things.

Allocate the concentration for driving to our drivers and forget about traffic and its sometimes nerve-wracking situations.

Our chauffeur is taking care of that and gives you, with his safe but sovereign way of driving, the possibility in reaching your destination refreshed and not stressed of driving on your own.

Simply order Chauffeur and Limousine-Service at United Limousines AG and trust on our experienced Chauffeurs, their knowledge of the area and their will to serve you.

Every order and journey is balanced with your wishes before, so that you can just forget about it. Lean back and take your benefit on the biggest luxury you can earn: Time!



  • Limousine-Service for highest demands.
  • Trained and skilled Chauffeurs.
  • Gain of time and a comfortable journey
Transfer-Service on the highest level: Safe and reliable.

In our branch, we offer the service Transfer, as the direct drive from A to B.

At United Limousines AG, we distinguish the City-Transfer (within the city limits of a city) and the Long-Distance-Transfer.
Order the City-Transfer for taking you from the Airport to your hotel, an event-location or a trade fair.
Confirm with our reservation team the times and places for pickups, flight details and destination address. We do the rest.

No airport at your destination? Only a complicated connection by train available? Order your direct connection with a Long-Distance-Transfer at United Limousines AG. Save time with our experienced Chauffeurs, enjoy the driving in one of our comfortable sedans and Vans and stop whenever you feel like.



  • Comfortable and reliable.
  • Individual Transfer-Service.
  • Flexible and simple to order – even on short notice.

The flexible and efficient Service for a high number of guests.

To ensure the success of your Event, Fair or Congress, you will invite a high number of guests. The Shuttle-Service of United Limousines AG, makes sure that the gaps between airports, hotels or train stations and the Event-Location are covered.

The different vehicles in all sizes, sedans, Minivans or coaches, are the reliable connection. Organization and supervision by our team, guarantees you no loss in quality.

After the audit of your wishes and requirements, we provide the vehicles, chauffeurs and additional personnel (Hostess, e.g.) in the most efficient way, but do not leave you alone with it. The Full-Service of United Limousines AG is attending and accompanying your order all the time.

Modern technique and an experienced team in our base or on the scene, is allowing you the full concentration on your guests and the event itself. Flexible and fast reaction on changes, reliability and quality is the aim of United Limousines AG – and your advantage.



  • Airport-Transfer and Shuttle-Service for safe and reliable transportation.
  • Accompanying inspection by our team.
  • Pre-check of flights and destinations.

As directed Service:
We don’t need to know everything!

In some cases, it is just not possible to plan the whole day with all the meetings, or, due to confidential reasons, the different destinations, should not be mentioned previously.

United Limousines AG and their Chauffeurs are certainly able to cover these requirements too. Our Chauffeurs are having the necessary experience, to follow your schedule on a short notice. Don’t feel tightened, take the benefit of being flexible. Stay concentrated for your business meeting, extend your shopping-tour as long as you like or simply add more destinations on your schedule.

The skills and discretion of our chauffeurs, in combination with the outstanding car fleet, is guaranteeing you the reliable accomplishment of your requests – and, if you like: even more! Should the cancellation of a meeting or other changes in times, suddenly allows you a little rest, our Chauffeurs will be able to advice a restaurant, interesting spots to see or what ever is needed.



  • No fixed schedule.
  • Discreet and experienced Chauffeurs
  • Our Chauffeur is your Concierge too!
 Chauffeur on Demand for your own car.

Chauffeur  on Demand: Should you prefer to travel with your own car, we can offer you the accurate and careful driver.

Your car – our driver: Chauffeur on Demand.

You do not want to miss the advantages of our Chauffeur and Limousine-Service. Still would like to reach your destination, meeting or appointment fresh and not experience the sometimes nerve-wracking traffic? But want to keep the known surrounding and atmosphere of your own car?

Chauffeur on Demand from united Limousines AG is the solution.

Our Chauffeurs can be ordered without a Limousine too. All their skills and experience can be combined with your own vehicle. This can be for a couple of hours or a whole month! This can be done in several languages for your foreign guests or for your personally.

Certainly the United Limousines AG fulfills all legal requirements for renting out just Chauffeurs!



  • Your car – our Chauffeur.
  • Skilled and trained Chauffeurs.
  • Long-Time-Orders possible.
  • Legal permission (Arbeitnehmerüberlassung)
Chauffeur Service for individual and private Sightseeing.

Our Chauffeur and Limousine-Service offers trained driver/guides for individual and private Sightseeing.

Individual Sightseeing and private tours.

Get to know your surroundings and do not miss what ‘s hip! Enjoy Sightseeing off the beaten track with the driver/guides of United Limousines AG.

The highlight during your travel is doubtless a private Sightseeing-Tour. You relax in a vehicle for your own and with a guide, you don’t have to share with a crowd of other people.

You may tour a couple of hours, the whole day or even for weeks throughout Europe. The driver/guides and their comfortable vehicles from United Limousines AG, will make your Sightseeing unforgettable.

The other occasion might be the business visit or the invitation of foreign guests. Lighten the tight schedules and agendas, to offer your guests an individual insight into your town. Our Chauffeurs can do this in several languages of course and are used to the contact with different cultures and their habits.

  • Three hours or three days: Sightseeing, which is following your special and individual demands.
  • Skilled driver/guides to leave the beaten tracks.
  • German, English and a lot more languages possible.
  • Individual Shopping-Tours.

We will be happy to advice you.

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