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Chauffeur and Limousine-Service for Events – United Limousines AG.

Our Chauffeur and Limousine-Service is your professional and competent partner for Events.

United Limousines: Much more than a Chauffeur Service.

The successful support for Events of every size, can only come from a partner with experience. The experience of United Limousines AG is a mix from both, being a partner for Ground Transportation for Top-Agencies and also the organizing contact for our own direct customers.

On the bases of the Chauffeurs and the car fleet of United Limousines AG, our specialist of the Event-Team, are providing a package, which contains everything: Reliability, Flexibility, Organization, Planning, Quality and Competence.

Rely on our reputation and the experience we have collected with Top-Events in all sizes, no matter if there are 1 or 1000 guests:

  • Trade Fairs, Congress or Board Meetings
  • Sport- and Cultural-Events
  • Incentives for companies
  • State visits

Our team from the Chauffeur and Limousine Service is at your disposal 24/7 throughout the year and everywhere you need us.

Chauffeur-Service for trade fairs in Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Düsseldorf.

Professional Chauffeur-Service for trade fairs, congress and board meetings in Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Düsseldorf.

Many participants – one Chauffeur-Service United Limousines.

Taking care of a high number of guests during a bigger Event, is a challenge for all, who are involved.
Transfers and Shuttle-Service are a major part. The reliable and comfortable transportation of all participants is essential for a successful Event.

The advantage we offer is the fact that United Limousines AG, operates 6 own affiliates in Germany, which are covering the major fair locations. Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich are being served with the very own personnel and the very own car fleet. This guarantees you a communication without the danger of loosing any important parts of it.

The well-rehearsed team of specialists with their long-time experience, does ensure with a constant surveillance of all activities, a fast reaction on all possible issues.

Our clients do appreciate the enormous efforts of United Limousines AG and are giving us the reputation.

Chauffeur and Limousine-Service for Sport- and Culture-Events.

Comfortable Chauffeur and Limousine-Service for Sport- and Culture-Events. Individual Branding included on request

United Limousines – Reliable Chauffeur and Limousine-Service for Sport- and Culture-Events.

The organization of big Sport- or Culture-Events, is one of the most challenging tasks for the logistic of a Chauffeur and Limousine-Service. The number of demanding guests and visitors is high, their hotels and the event location, very often spread over a whole region. All this, in combination with a lot of traffic, road barriers, flight changes and tight schedules, can only be managed with a lot of experience.

So with, it is no surprise that the staff and vehicles of United Limousines AG, can always be seen during Top-Events. Our quality is proved, since one of the major sponsors for the Champions League is a client of United Limousines AG, with the matches and finals of this tournament – within Germany, but also abroad in London or Lisbon. International artist are insisting to be served by us during their tour too and we guarantee the constant level of quality – no matter in which country that would be.

For performing a task like this, it is essential to operate an effective network with reliable and strong partners in logistics and ground transportation. United Limousines AG is such a provider! Our network has grown over the years and we are proud to be able to offer a suitable network, which can manage the most challenging tasks, our clients are giving to us.



  • A close-meshed network with reliable and strong partners.
  • Comfortable Chauffeur and Limousine-Service for big Events.
  • High recognition value trough vehicle branding with company logos.
Chauffeur and Limousine-Service for state visits.

Chauffeur and Limousine-Service with experienced drivers for state visits and their special demands.

Chauffeur-Service for special demands

A very special challenge is the organization and accomplishment of a state visit.

Next to the strict protocol, which doesn’t allow any kind of mistakes, the requirements for special driver skills and special vehicles is outstanding.

It is not only the customers satisfaction, but due to the media presence, a whole nation is watching. The tolerance for variations, goes against zero.

In the past, United Limousines AG, has successfully proved their abilities for this kind of requirements. A high number of Embassies and Consulates do trust the United Limousines AG and her office in Berlin or elsewhere in Germany. The delegations of countless Nations were driven in our vehicles, presidents and their entourage felt well looked after with our service.

Especially the driver skills are making a significant contribution to the success. Certainly the ability to express themselves in several languages is helping, the knowledge of special habits, coming along with the different cultures too, but it also the driving. Only experience and a special training can ensure a safe transportation in motorcades, which are sometimes moving out of road traffic regulations and are escorted by the police and security.

We will be happy to advice you.

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Our team from the Chauffeur and Limousine Service is at your disposal
24/7 throughout the year and everywhere you need us.

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