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Our Chauffeur-Service and Limousine-Service for Business

Our Chauffeur and Limousine-Service is the competent contact for all matters of Ground-Transportation and Travel-Management.

Only high Quality for your company and your partners: the Chauffeur and Limousine-Service of United Limousines.

Globalization has indeed increased the number of business trips. Especially multinational companies do welcome their partner or high valued guests, almost every day.

To guarantee a smooth and accurate accomplishment of these visits, we stand with our experience. The team of United Limousines AG is pretty much aware of the importance of these occasions and gives you and your guests the feeling of being in good hands.

As a leading provider in logistics and ground transportation, we just not only offer Taylor-made Chauffeur and Limousine-Service, but also a complete portfolio for Travel-Management. Out of one hand with only one contact person, we are able to provide all what is necessary for business travel on a high quality level. From the arrival, over the entire stay and the departure.

We will give the first impression to your clients!


The service form United Limousines AG:

  • Available at all major destinations
  • Event-Experience
  • Outsourcing
  • Chauffeur and Limousine-Service
Our Chauffeur and Limousine-Service is available at more than 600 destinations in the world.

Due to our global network, our Chauffeur and Limousine-Service is available at more than 600 destinations in the world – with the used high standards.

Wherever you will arrive – the driver from United Limousines is expecting you there already.

Due to our global network with chosen partners in more than 600 destinations, we can offer you service almost everywhere you are traveling. Without a loss in quality or reliability of United Limousines AG.

Forget about finding a reliable service in foreign countries, forget about barriers in language or different time zones – you just need one contact from United Limousines AG for all countries you are traveling.

No matter where you are! As soon as you have access to the Internet, you can follow your bookings with our web-based online-booking system. The clear structure and transparency, gives you the possibility to check all details of our service, including name and mobile number of the driver at your next destination.

We give you the feeling of being in good hands!



  • Constantly high quality at over 600 destinations.
  • Worldwide coverage with our reliable network of chosen partners.
  • Service out of one hand.
  • Permanent access to the online-booking system.
Chauffeur, Limousine- and Shuttle-Service with long-term experience.

Take advantage of our long-time experience in Chauffeur, Limousine- and Shuttle-Service during Top-Events, Congress and Trade Fairs.

Take advantage of the long-time experience of United Limousines AG.

United Limousines AG is successfully in business since 1986. Throughout the years, we built up our experience in planing, organization and accomplishing from Events with more than 100 vehicles and 500 participants.

So it is not only the reliable providing of vehicles and skilled drivers, it is the all-in-one-package our clients do receive and appreciate. Starting with an intensive advisory meeting for foreign Event-Agencies with our local teams, presenting of efficient solutions, processing Transfers and Shuttles with modern web-based tools and flight tracking, up to additional staff and services like catering and ending with fast invoicing, is not less what you receive from us.

So take your advantage! Our Taylor-made solution will convince you of our professionalism. .

Outsourcing  of  drivers and car fleet.

Use our offer for Outsourcing and cut the costs for the own car fleet and drivers.

Lower the costs for your Fleet-Management! Our Chauffeur and Limousine-Service is the answer.

A company owned car fleet and their drivers, are a high cost factor for every company.

Personnel costs, buying and maintaining of the vehicles, is in relation of the time you are using them, sometimes disproportionate. Only paying for it, when you are using it, would be the solution!

Use the experience of United Limousines AG and find out, if the Outsourcing would not be the better alternative. Together with our specialists, you will receive a Taylor-made proposal, respecting your wishes and needs, but showing what is reasonable and what can be saved.

Our service guarantees you full mobility on high quality levels, without the costs for something you do not need.

Fleet-Management by United Limousines AG.



  • A company owned fleet of cars and drivers are a high cost factor.
  • Outsourcing helps to control the budget.
  • Our specialists are delighted to assist.
Our Chauffeur-Service will bring you relaxed to your destination.

Our Chauffeur-Service  will bring you relaxed to your destination – in your own car!

The Chauffeur-Service of United Limousines AG gives you time, while our Chauffeur is driving you.

Gain one of the most valued goods in business: Time! With booking our Chauffeurs just for your car or with one of ours, you are able to use the free time for better things than driving!

Check again the speech you will hold shortly, recall the facts of the last meeting or just relax, to reach your next appointment fresh and rested.

You have the car – we have the skilled chauffeur!

No matter, if it is just for the day, for a week or even the whole month! United Limousines AG do offers you skilled and trained drivers as long as you need them.

Certainly do all of our drivers have the the complete necessary legal permits and certainly has the United Limousines AG the legal permit to rent out the drivers to you. Not to mention as well, their experience on almost every car type.



  • Reach your destination relaxed and fresh.
  • Chauffeur-Service with or without our cars.
  • Skilled and trained Chauffeurs for the complete period you need them.

We will be happy to advice you.

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Our team from the Chauffeur and Limousine Service is at your disposal
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