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Limousine and Shuttle-Service for Event- Incoming- and Creative-Agencies

Our Limousine and Shuttle-Service is your partner in logistics. Rely on the long-time experience with Event- Incoming- and Creative-Agencies.

Professionals for professionals: Our Limousine- and Shuttle-Service for Events.

Since your Creative-, Event-, or Incoming-Agency is successful in business for your clients, you need an experienced and reliable partner – guaranteeing your quality levels.

Should it be individual transfers or a Shuttle-Service, nothing is worth than a non-reaction on changes. Our Know-How and long-time partnership with Top-Agencies, gives you the safety for flexibility.

The availability of a large number of vehicles and drivers, using the most modern tools for quality control and dispatching, an accurate preparing of each single job among hundred others, is what you receive from united Limousines.


The advantages of our Limousine- and Shuttle-Service:

  • Quality-Management through permanent Audits and Flight-Track.
  • Online-Booking system – Transparency and comfort.
  • Availability 24/7 all year long.
  • Event-Organization – Support for Agencies with creative and professional logistics.

Continuing Quality Control of all activities, guarantees service levels and your satisfaction.

United Limousines stands for accuracy, reliability and high quality in all our services. To fulfill these kind of demands, we implement a high number of tools for quality management, such as preventative methods for checking relevant travel details. As well, permanent checks by phone and GPS tracking for drivers and cars.

Next to all this, our operations and dispatchers have made already a plausibility check with the number of expected guests and the dispatched vehicle category, the estimated driving times against the given arrival times on your schedule and a personal phone call to the driver that he is on time.

Only with this accurate arrangements, we are able to minimize possible mistakes in the preparatory stage and leave space for flexible and fast response on changes.


  • Quality management for Chauffeurs and Limousines
  • Due to exact preparation a high reliability.
  • Continuing controls of all activities during the service.

We would be delighted to give further information or answer your questions.

Online booking system for Chauffeur and Limousine-Service.

A true relieve for all your bookings with us and a high transparency, is our own web-based booking system, which was created by ourselves for our customers.

After your secured Log-in, you can

  • Place a booking by yourself with a “learning” screen mask.
  • All time access with the internet.
  • Watch all your bookings done, chronological sorted from the past until future services.
  • An overview with all relevant travel details, including name and mobile number of your driver (24 hours prior to service).
  • This transparency gives you the safety of being in good hands at United Limousines AG.

We would be delighted to give further information or answer your questions.

Whenever you need us – we are available 24/7 for you!

Since United Limousines AG is acting across the globe, our operations are manned at all times with our own personnel – no call center.

When we offer you a 24/7 availability, we truly mean 24 hours at every day of every week during the year.

Take your benefit in talking to your contact at United Limousines AG every time!


We are here for you:

  • 365 days a year.
  • 24 hours per day.
  • No call-center.

We would be delighted to give further information or answer your questions.

Make your benefit and use the know-how of United Limousines AG for all matters for a successful Event.

The successful support for Events of every size, can only come from a partner with experience. The experience of United Limousines AG is a mix from both, being a partner for Ground Transportation for Top-Agencies and also the organizing contact for our own direct customers.

On the bases of the Chauffeurs and the car fleet of United Limousines AG, our specialists of the Event-Team, are providing a package, which contains everything: Reliability, Flexibility, Organization, Planning, Quality and Competence. And should you need additional personnel for hosting or coordination, we can certainly provide them.

Taking care of a high number of guests during a bigger Event, is a challenge for all, who are involved.
Transfers and Shuttle-Service are a major part. The reliable and comfortable transportation of all participants is essential for a successful Event.

The well-rehearsed team of specialists with their long-time experience, does ensure with a constant surveillance of all activities, a fast reaction on all possible issues.

Our clients do appreciate the enormous efforts of United Limousines AG and are giving us the reputation.


  • United Limousines AG is your professional partner for Top-Events.
  • A team of specialists is given support for preparation, planning, organization and accomplishment.
  • Make your benefit with our experience.

We would be delighted to give further information or answer your questions.

We will be happy to advice you.

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Our team from the Chauffeur and Limousine Service is at your disposal
24/7 throughout the year and everywhere you need us.

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